Remodelling the house

My wife and I just bought a new house. Actually it's our first house that we own, and to be perfectly honest, we don't actually own it yet as we are awayting the final paper work to come through. But we are excited and eager to get started.

The house is 149 m2 (1,600 ft2) and from 1980 made with good old fasion bricks that most houses in Denmark are made of. (Not that woody stuff they make in the US :) Sorry guys)

Anyway, I'm sure in a few months from now, or even years, I will look back and wonder what we really did, how it looked and alot of other questions that I'm almost sure I wont be able to remember. So this part of my website will work as documentation and diary for the project.

The house

Now, the house is from 1980 with only one owner. the same people who built it. The great thing about one-owner houses is that there is hardly ever any changes made to the house. A house with many previous owners often seems a bit unorganized because so many people have tried to screw it up.

Now it's our turn! :)

But one downside is that everything is original in the house, and I do mean everything! The kitchen with everything brown, woody and carpet... Comon, who put's a carpet in the kitchen?! Then we have the master bathroom. Same story as the kitchen, all brown tiles, bathtub and even the freaking window glass.

Now, because the people built the house for their needs, and they do love carpets all over the place, it mean that there is no pretty floor below. So a new floor would be nice aswell.

And while we are at it, we might as well change all the inside doors. They should match the new rooms and floor.