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Yet again, I've reinstalled my server, and made a new website. This time it was not becuase I felt like it, but becuase the crappy hosting provider deleted my VPS (Virtual Private Server).

I now found a new hosting that works better and faster for more or less the same money. If anyone is in need of a linux or Windows VPS located in EU, I can recommend XSserver. I no longer can recommend xsserver, as I describe here. I now fully support and recommend Contabo (Former giga-international.com).

And as a small note to self... remember to backup!

But just as the old site, this one is based on Concrete5 which I fancy more and more. Since last time, I've learned alot more and I've even converted this theme to Concrete5 myself.


On some of the pages I've given the possibility to post a comment. Please feel free to do so. Also if you have suggestions or changes to some of the code.


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